Digital Marketing Consulting Services


The Digital World is full of uncertainties and the fact that you are reading this piece means one of two things; either you are planning to invest in the indeterminate digital business or you are already into it. Well, whatever the case, you will need some advice and recommendations about succeeding in the Digital industry.

Professional Digital marketing is somewhat at the core of any successful Digital or Internet business. Look at the likes of Facebook, NBC, eBay, Yahoo, Microsoft and many others. These are companies which are reaping the fruits of investing in proficient Digital Marketing services. Luckily for you, you don’t have to look far. K3 Digital is just within your reach to help you realize your commercial goals just in time for your big break.

The truth about Digital Marketing

Regrettably, a very big percentage of both new and already existing online businesses, are still not aware of the best path to take when it comes to Digital Marketing Consultation. For instance, most newbies seeking for Digital Marketing consultation services, will overlook certain aspects of the firm they want to hire, all in a bid to save on cost. The larger fraction of new online businesses will look for cheap Digital marketing services and fail to assess the dependability of the company they are about to hire for consultation.

Other hasty entrepreneurs will get fooled with overly exaggerated outcomes or traffic estimations as they get pitches from dubious Digital marketing companies. Such entrepreneurs end up being disappointed later. The truth about Digital marketing is that it is a process that requires a considerable investment of time and money; that is if you are going to get the intended results. You must also understand that Marketing outcomes cannot be guaranteed but outputs can be warranted.

What we do

We at K3 Digital are aware of this fact more than anyone else in the industry, that’s why we don’t pitch you with false promises. Instead, we explain to our clients about what is possible and what is not. We show you the outputs that are guaranteed and separate the facts from what is speculative.

For instance, we replace speculative data such as conversion rates, revenue estimates and traffic estimates, with factual data or if you like, real numbers. We are conservative when it comes to estimations and unlike most Digital companies we don’t bet on unknowns. After breaking down the strategy we deem best for your business to you (and you approve it), we move forward with the greater task of marketing your business digitally.

How to get a positive ROI when Outsourcing your Digital Marketing work

If you want to get a substantial and fulfilling Return on Investment after hiring a Digital Marketer, you must get some variables right.

  1. Use Value as a measure of work, not Time

While hiring a professional Digital marketer, insist on getting value and reduce your focus on the time taken. While most Digital Marketing agencies will charge you using an hour to hour basis, K3 Digital is committed to giving you results that are not limited to what can be achieved in an hour. We highly disregard time-based projects because clients stand to lose more from that approach. As an alternative, we recommend a value-based approach where you pay us for the quality of work we are giving you.

  1. Always Invest in the best Advice

Digital Marketing Consultation sessions can be as shallow as telling you the general things you need to do to rank first on Search Engines, or as deep as explaining to you why 99% of online businesses never achieve this. It all depends on how much you are willing to invest in getting the advice. Good Digital Marketing advice doesn’t come cheap, but in the long run, if executed properly it will pay off handsomely.

At K3 Digital we’ve got the recipe for a successful Digital Marketing campaign. Invest in our consultation services and you won’t regret it.