Content Marketing


Any modern day business wishes to have its products known to the public so as to increase sales and public awareness. Condensing all information about your products into one consolidated piece of data could make your marketing work considerably easy. This consolidated piece of data is what we’d like to call content.

Content can come in different forms, for example; Infographics, Reports, Multimedia, Print Media or Blogs. With the marketing potentialities of the internet ever on the rise, these days we are not marketing products directly, instead, we are marketing information about the products or if you like, we are marketing Content.

Content marketing is a very wide topic that cannot be exhausted or learned in a day. We at K3 Digital are expert content marketers and we are ready to do the heavy lifting for you. You see with content marketing, Ads or Visual adverts are not enough to bring in the projected conversions. You need to know when, where and how to present content so as to guarantee the success of your marketing campaign. More importantly, you need to know the tastes and preferences of your target audience and how to make them come back for more. K3 Digital knows how to do this.

What We Do

K3 Digital has a really creative approach to marketing your content. We use our long experience in the industry to determine what’s best for your product or website. Our marketing strategy follows a 4stage cycle to warrant success.

  1. Logical Strategy

We begin by doing a thorough research about your industry. Our expert marketers carry out a competitor analysis for your product and identify loops in the industry which we will cover to make sure that your content stands out. Our highly competent staff will determine the most effective content marketing strategy for your business and implement this strategy to ensure that your brand’s goals are achieved.

  1. Creative Content Creation

After determining the best strategy for your business, we will delve straight into creating relevant and shareable content for your business. Our marketing strategists understand that effective content marketing calls for the creation of high quality and easily shareable content. We, therefore, will develop unique content for your business and ensure that it’s shareable across the specific marketing channel it’s intended for.

  1. Media Distribution

This is where we send your content out there to the public to build brand awareness. Our team of marketers will promote your content across different platforms, inclusive of social media. For content distribution, we use different methods which include starting advertising initiatives, website redesigning, email marketing campaigns, and social media marketing.

  1. Cross-Platform Promotion

We use interconnected promotion strategies to raise the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. Our content can be circulated across multiple platforms and marketing channels without being distorted. We create ads that can be embedded on all social media platforms thus making it cheap and easy to raise your brand awareness.

What you should know about Content Marketing

  1. Over 85% of successful online businesses are using content marketing today as a marketing strategy.
  2. Your Online Audience is not interested in seeing plain banners and graphical ads. As a matter of fact, most people will use Ad blockers to prevent Ads from appearing when they open different websites.
  3. What you Audience needs is Valuable Content. Content that means something to them, not just plain banners.
  4. Effective Content Marketing is not easy to find neither does it come cheap.

We at K3 Digital are aware of these facts and that’s why we create content that will bring higher conversions for your company. We don’t create content that will be ignored by your audience. Our content marketing packages are reasonably charged and definitely worthy of being tried out.