Ecommerce Site Solutions


Today’s competitive market demands a completely different business model. Long gone are the days when a successful business only needed to be on TV and advertising on radio. Today, more than ever, people are spending the larger part of their day browsing through their smart devices. Smartphones are at the top of the list, followed by tablets and computers.

So what best way to capture their attention for your product than to have an e-commerce website? E-commerce stores or what we popularly call online stores have turned out to be powerful sales avenues for modern day business.

However, with online stores being relatively easy to set up and run, the competition out there is really stiff. The only thing that can save your e-commerce website from becoming yet another slapdash online store is making it stand out.

Unfortunately, to do this you will need professional assistance which in most cases won’t come cheap. Now, this is where K3Digital comes in. Our experienced web developers will help you create an inimitable, functional e-commerce website, even with your tight budget.

Creating an Ecommerce website

Ecommerce websites can be built using open source e-commerce solutions. These open source solutions are easy to set up and rarely cost a thing apart from the normal hosting fees. However, for an open source site to work well, it needs to be tailored by a professional to the needs of your business. There are a number of useful open source platforms that come in handy when building an e-commerce site. WordPress is at the top of the list together with some Unix-like software.

All the same, there are some professional e-commerce solutions that are more advanced than the open source ones. They include Magento, Laravel and OS commerce. The e-commerce developers at K3Digital are familiar with both professional and open source e-commerce solutions. We will develop your online store for you and guarantee a Return on Investment (ROI) for your business.

What we do

As leaders in e-commerce site development and web design, we will do a number of things for you, just to keep you a step ahead of your competitors:

  1. Make Flexible and Engaging designs for your website

K3Digital will make a fully integrated website that works towards satisfying the individual needs of your business. Our sites look stunning and deliver an untainted user experience which increases chances of successful prospects and warrant more conversion.

  1. Provide full time support

Anytime you need our help with any of our products there is always someone on the watch, ready to help out. As an experienced e-commerce agency, we are aware that any delays in solving a bug issue in an e-commerce website mean a loss to your business. For this reason, we respond towards your signals at any time.

  1. Reliable Analytics tools to monitor performance

Our highly experienced web designers will give you several analytics tools to choose from. These tools help you monitor new prospects in your business and help you understand what brings more conversion on your website. If the situation calls for it, we will even recommend some changes to be done so as to enhance your website’s performance and conversion rate.

  1. Branding and Marketing

At all times, your eCommerce website needs to look like your business. Our web experts will, therefore, build your eCommerce site in a manner that reflects your company’s core values and trademark. We will creatively brand your website in line with your business goals. Our smart marketing strategy will help you get new leads for the business and effectively retain your existing customers.