Link Building Services


If you want to climb the ladder up the search engines then you’ve got to know more than just code and keywords. Search engines, particularly Google have made it difficult for any website, (regardless of whether it offers quality or not) to grow its search traffic in a week or a month. Some years ago, all you needed to get on the first page of Google was just a good blend of Keyword density and a few original pieces of text. Today, the list has grown longer. As a matter of fact, Google’s algorithm has up to 200 different variables that determine how high your website ranks on the search results.

A Glimpse of past SEO

Google, as well as other search engines, do this so as to ensure that their users get valuable information from the searches. Initially, you would search for something let’s say ‘SEO companies’ and what you would get your first results were tens of websites that have nothing more than repeated phrases, in this case, “SEO Companies”.

The sites with the most relevant results would be pushed so down on the list, you would probably never find them. Today things have Changed, Google needs to verify if your website really deserves to be on their first page of search results.  Among the very important variables that would guarantee a better ranking today on Google as well as on other search engines are Originality, a friendly Keyword Density, Quality Backlinks and Content authority.

Of all the mentioned factors, only one is extremely hard for blackhat SEO specialists to crack; and that is Quality Backlinks. Blackhat SEO specialists are people who try to fool search engines so as to get high rankings, and from what we all know they work only for a few days. Sooner or later Google discovers you and places a ban on your site or if need be, includes you in their blacklist. So how do you get quality backlinks?

Affordable Link Building services

Before we can delve into how to get quality links for your website, you must understand that search engines and Google to be exact has a way of gauging backlinks with regard to their quality or authority. Some backlinks will tend to pull your site backward. Some won’t even be noticed by search engines, let alone become of any significant impact on your search results ranking. Now what you need is not just links, you want backlinks from high authority websites or if you like, sites that are already high on Alexa. The more high-quality link backs you have on your website, the higher you chances of ranking better on search engines.

At K3 Digital, we understand this fact more than anyone else in the link building industry. We, therefore, make it clear to our clients that our services won’t be exactly cheap, but one certain thing is that they are always affordable. Simply put, K3Digital will get you backlinks from high authority websites at an affordable rate.

How we do it

When getting backlinks for your website, our SEO experts will use several strategies to warrant that the links are visible to search engines and that their impact on your search engine ranking will be felt as soon as possible. Here is what we do:

  1. Perform link audits: – This is to ascertain that the links you already have on your website are of reasonable quality. We will then add better backlinks on top of what you already have. In case you don’t have any backlinks so far, don’t panic, we will get them for you.
  2. Create interactive content and use Link baits: – We will build quality content for your website, content that is shareable and worth of being linked to. Our quality content can be used for Guest Posting, which is another avenue for getting backlinks.
  3. Increase Outreach and promote your site on Social Media: – We will promote your site, app or product out there to generate awareness. This eventually will lead to potential link backs from interested niche websites.