Professional PPC Consultant


There’s a very thin line between professional PPC marketing and the normal (DYI) PPC operations that anyone can do. With the current boom of websites and blogs on the internet today, pay per click advertisements have become a very effective marketing platform, especially for small businesses. The only problem is that without professional assistance, pay per click advertisements may end up becoming an expensive and fruitless affair. For this reason, looking for a professional PPC consultant to help kick start your paid advertising campaign is a wise idea.

If you are looking for a reliable, result-driven PPC consultancy, then you have come to the right place. We at K3 Digital have everything you need with regard to PPC services. We are constantly helping both Internet-based startups and offline business get the conversions they need from Pay per click advertisements.

Why should you work with us?

Whether you are already familiar with PPC advertisements or not, we have something for you. So if you have never used PPC marketing methods before, don’t panic. Our experienced team will break down every single detail for you and give you a suitable package. After agreeing on a package for you, we will move forward with building or re-building your Adwords account. Here, we will do some research about your industry to determine exactly what will work for your company or business.

We at K3 Digital are determined to deliver efficient campaigns for any business; so we are not doing this for the sake of it. When it comes to Ad campaigns we will research on the most suitable target audience for your product and set up Ad Groups. Creativity in the use of Keywords is at the heart of getting results from PPC marketing.

Our experienced consultants will give you a wide choice of campaigns to choose from since the Ad Groups we create for you will be relevant to your industry. For instance, we will create ads for exact Keyword matches and Phrase matches so as to give you total control over you bids. This way you will have a rather precise approach while optimizing your Ad campaigns for a particular audience.

Our PPC service spectrum

K3 Digital offers PPC services in two major outlets; Social Media and Search Engines.

  1. Social Media Ad Campaigns

For Social media, we focus our campaigns mostly on Facebook through Facebook Ads and on Twitter through Promoted Tweets. On both platforms, we are able to provide our clients with credible statistics and real-time reporting on the performance of their Ad campaigns. Depending on the formula that the client wants us to use, we can incorporate creative marketing tactics such as creating contests.

  1. Search Engine Ad Campaigns

Search engine marketing, on the other hand, will entail crafting your ads in a manner that popular search engines will capture your ads on search results. Here K3 Digital uses Google Adwords and Bing Ads majorly, although we can still optimize your Ads for other specialized search engines. For better results, we will optimize your landing page and carry out multivariate testing to ensure that your Bing Ads are viable.

We can also use other marketing strategies with regard to pay per click advertisement if requested. These strategies include YouTube marketing and search Ads. It all depends on how much traffic you want for your PPC ads. All the same, we will do Keyword researches and optimize bids for you, so as to determine what works best for your business.