World Wide SEO Services


Working with an unfailing SEO specialist can be the difference between a profitable business and a loss-making one. We at K3Digital recognize this and that’s why we only let the smartest SEO gurus handle your SEO tasks. As most online businesses are complaining about Google algorithm updates; and the heavy blow that Penguin and Panda have dealt them, our SEO pundits are busy cracking the formula for the next probable update. We not only handle the technical SEO stuff for you but also suggest newer and innovative strategies, to ensure that you always remain at the top of the search.

What we do

Our SEO approach unveils in several phases, which not many SEO Consultancies can keep up with. Unlike the shallow SEO tactics they use, like getting you hundreds of unfeasible backlinks, we give you the full package. Here are the key SEO hacks that we perform on your website:

  • On-page and Off-page SEO Audits

Not many SEO consultancies in India and the world at large are ready to spend time and money conducting SEO Audits. What they want is to cram your website with loads of worthless link backs and then ask for payment. At K3Digital we always conduct a structured SEO audit for our clients’ websites to establish whether the sites are constructed in-line with international SEO standards. Crucial issues such as website responsiveness, backlinks quality, comprehensible content organization and attractive graphical inputs are among the very major areas we check during the audit.

  • Content Marketing and Link Building

Once the SEO audit has been performed, our team can now move forward with the basic SEO tweaks such as Keyword searches, content Marketing, and Link Building.  For content marketing, our experts will ensure that your content remains engaging, informative and data-driven. We also source for high-quality inbound links for your website through straightforward means. K3Digital not only gets you quality links but also ensures that they are relevant to your niche.

  • SEO consultancy services

If your business needs a more specialized SEO strategy, we will advise you accordingly. K3Digital is committed to offering SEO consultancy services for clients all over the world. We even offer custom SEO services in case the client’s niche or industry demands a different SEO approach from what is common. If your company has an internal marketing staff or webmaster team, we are able to offer them external guidance on how to get and maintain your site’s ranking. In other words, we tailor the consultation program based on your company’s resources, aptitudes, and niche complexity.

  • Google Penalty Assessments

Google penalties are one of the major SEO stumbling blocks. No matter how well you play with keywords or how many inbound or outbound links you get on your site, you will never rank high if your site is already listed in Google’s blacklist. K3digital will do an exhaustive penalty assessment for you and give you a full comprehensive report on what should be done to clear out your name.  If you are already listed with a Google penalty, our highly experienced SEO specialists will establish a recovery roadmap for you, to help restore your site’s integrity.

What we don’t do in the name of SEO

K3Digital is very stringent with Blackhat SEO techniques. We do not tolerate shady SEO campaigns as a way of ranking our clients’ websites. Our services are not exactly cheap but they certainly are reasonable for the quality of work that we deliver. We also do not promise to rank your website in a day or two because we definitely don’t use Black hat methods. The reason is Blackhat SEO only deliver’s results for a week at most. On our side, we want to deliver and maintain these results for decades.