Social Media Optimization and Marketing Services


Though frequently ignored, Social Media Optimization could help drive traffic to your website as well as increase engagement with your Company’s social space. Most people tend to associate Social Media Marketing and Optimization with the mainstream social media sites; here we are talking about Facebook and Twitter Primarily.

However, this is a mistake because the internet is full of practicable social media sites which could even bring better results than the mainstream social sites. If you look at the investments that big companies are spending just to grow their social presence on smaller social media sites, then you understand where the real conversions are.

Regrettably, almost every online entrepreneur thinks that Facebook and Twitter are the only social sites worth spending marketing money on. Additionally, a good percentage of these entrepreneurs don’t know how to grow their network effectively and how to create and maintain a target audience. Eventually, they end up incurring huge losses after paying for fruitless ad campaigns on social media. If only they knew how to get things right, they would achieve similar results as the ones they are already getting; but this time with a fraction less of the money they are already spending.

So where do you get Social Media Optimization Help?

You’ve probably been wondering where you could get some help with Social Media Marketing and Optimization. Well, worry no more, at K3 Digital we know all the tweaks you need to get those results that you’ve been cherishing for your website. Here’s how we will do it;

SMO tricks that work

When starting any Social Media Optimization campaign, you must place your cards right. We at K3 Digital have several ways that we use to guarantee that your website, product or app is fully optimized for all social media sites;

  1. Social Monitoring: We’ll do a thorough research to determine your current status as far as social media marketing is concerned. We’ll want to know how big of an audience you already have and how engaged they are in your work. This way we can be able to estimate the amount of conversion we can generate for your website for a start.
  2. Engagement increasing techniques: Once we’ve done a good research on your audience, we’ll know what they like and what sparks their interests. Then, we can be able to use some simple methods just to increase their engagement to your site and even attract similar viewers like them to your social media profile. Here we will use methods such as blogging, photo and media sharing, product reviews and Q & A techniques to make them own up your product.
  3. Spreading the word: By this time we already know what your audience loves about your product, app or website. Now what is remaining is to spread the word out there. Now, this might look simple but it will require somebody with experience so that you don’t put off potential readers or fans while thinking that you are attracting them. On a monitored scale, we will use tricks such as Social PPC Ads, Cross channel promotion to other social media sites and Creative discussion, just to try and see if we can pitch new users and fans of your product.
  4. Effective Reporting and Analysis: Lastly, we’ll want to show you what we have achieved for the entire campaign and therefore we will use our social media reporting tools to give you real time data of how your social profile is doing in terms of traffic, conversions, and engagement. What’s even more, our data reporting tools are rock solid. They can be used to predict future activities and performance of the website or social profile, depending on what you are doing on it currently.