Web Designing Services


K3 Digital believes that Web design is not just about making websites look great. Our web experts design websites in such a way that they remain responsive, organized and optimized for more conversions. If you are looking for a commercial website that will be viable even in the next decade, we are the people you need. Our web design approach focuses on several key areas. Among them:

  1. Your Website’s target audience and visual preferences
  2. Simplicity and Organized workflow
  3. Customer-focused design
  4. Result driven and unifying structure
  5. Competitor analysis and planning

Why work with us

K3 Digital is your one-stop shop when it comes to web solutions. Our staff who have a long experience in web design will incorporate their creativity in the designing process, so as to make sure that the product is unique in your industry. Here are some reasons why you should consider giving us your web design projects;

  1. We do more than just design websites

Unlike most web design companies, K3 Digital integrates strategic thinking and creativity in building your product. Apart from making your site engaging and immersive, we do an intensive research to note the tiny details that hinder a smooth web experience and fix those issues. This way your website is able to bring more conversion and reflect a greater success.

  1. We put our focus on user experience

Without customers or readers, any online business stands a risk of failing. A bad user experience will compel your readers or customers to look for alternative websites that are much easier to use. Not even the practicability of a website can save it from losing customers if it has a bad user experience. We at K3 Digital look at the small things that are overlooked during web design.

We want to make sure that your site can compel your users to interact with it, so as to achieve specific set goals. Our web designers will create an eye-catching and engaging website for you, without interfering with its practicability.

  1. Reasonable Charges

At times, finances are a big hindrance to building a high performing website. In most cases, web designers charge on an hour to hour basis and this ends up making the whole exercise costly. However, K3 Digital is aware of this fact. We have therefore come up with affordable web design packages for everyone. We impart trust between our company and our clients so that you can totally rely on us even with a limited budget.

  1. Responsive designs

Our web design experts will create highly responsive designs in line with Google’s recommendations. We design websites that work efficiently across all platforms, inclusive of tablets, desktops and all mobile devices. A responsive website assures you of high conversions, not to mention that your users or readers will have a better user experience while using your website.

This, however, does not mean that we will do away with engaging stuff like animations, just to make it responsive. K3 Digital web designers are aware of how to create simple, minimalist websites, without eliminating the artistic effects.

  1. Brand Maintenance and Custom CMS design

We also brand your website so that it upholds your marque. We want to make sure that your website is part of your trademark. To do this, we creatively add your brand colors to your website and also brand it with graphical elements that are unifying with your brand.

If the situation calls for it, we will create a custom CMS system for you so that your staff can associate the CMS with your brand.